Predictive intelligence

Does your IT, HR, and customer service agents spend a large percentage of their time performing mundane, low-value work? Work such as categorizing or prioritizing requests, searching for similar incidents and cases, and finding the right team. All those manual steps introduce human error and lower customer satisfaction…

Enable employees to focus on more important work by improving your workflows with machine learning to automate routine tasks and arrive at solutions faster.

Enhance business efficiency and improve service with Predictive Intelligence

ServiceNow® Predictive Intelligence is a powerful set of machine learning capabilities that that effectively integrates with your ServiceNow workflows to enhance business efficiency and improve service.

Using a patented machine learning engine, Predictive Intelligence helps your teams work faster by recommending content to agents after making connections between incidents, cases, alerts, and knowledge articles. Predictive Intelligence also accurately categorizes, assigns, and prioritizes incoming requests, freeing your teams to focus on the problem solving that humans do best.

These capabilities make adopting machine learning simple and accessible for businesses looking to reduce manual intervention, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate employee productivity.

Key Features ServiceNow Virtual Agent


Predictive Intelligence Workbench

Enable process owners to build machine learning models based on the results your business is striving for. No coding experience needed.


Detect serious incidents

Let machine learning indicate similarity between problems to quickly identify and classify critical incidents.


Recommendations for action and content

Use machine learning to automatically suggest relevant tasks and content so agents can solve problems faster.


Categorize, refer, and prioritize

Reduce manual work and errors with supervised machine learning solutions that learn from your own data to automatically classify tasks, incidents and cases at scale.

Predictive Intelligence is a method of creating a customer experience that is unique to one particular individual by monitoring customer behavior and building a profile of their specific preferences.

Benefits Predictive Intelligence

→ Optimize resources, reduce costs

Quickly deliver requests to the right agent with the right prioritization so they can address issues at the speed of business

→ Improve service and customer satisfaction

Decrease resolution times and errors through recommended actions in the context of your business.

→ Increase fulfiller/requester productivity

Empower employees and customers with more time and energy to focus on more complex tasks and requests.

→ Improve overall business efficiency

Provide consistent and reliable information. Exceed service levels and increase customer satisfaction with accurate categorization, prioritization, and routing.

→ Develop and deploy quickly

Immediately use out-of-the-box machine learning models without custom development or additional engineering resources

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