Performance Analytics

Does your IT, HR, and customer service agents spend a large percentage of their time performing mundane, low-value work? Work such as categorizing or prioritizing requests, searching for similar incidents and cases, and finding the right team. All those manual steps introduce human error and lower customer satisfaction…

Enable employees to focus on more important work by improving your workflows with machine learning to automate routine tasks and arrive at solutions faster.

Benefits Performance Analytics

→ Drive performance

Provide actionable insight on each level and for every role using key indicators, mobile-enabled scorecards, time charts, analytics, drill-downs, and dashboards.

→ Realize fast time-to-value

Performance Analytics is native and built into the ServiceNow® Platform, enabling you to realize fast time-to-value.

→ Establish a single version of truth

Share clear, up-to-date visualizations of performance across teams and organizations, establishing a single version of truth as the basis for objectively discussing service delivery and driving behavioral change.

→ Secure

No data is duplicated or leaves the secure ServiceNow® enterprise cloud. Data is protected at all times by the same access control lists you implement across the platform.

What does the ServiceNow PA team say about Westbury Analytics?

“Our clients are looking for fast time-to-value PA deployments with clear deliverables. Westbury Analytics has a proven record in quickly translating unique customer requirements into PA dashboards as well as developing ServiceNow Apps to accelerate PA implementations.”

Pieter Goris, ServiceNow PA Senior Product Manager

The Westbury Approach

How to Implement Now Intelligence

Discover the most comprehensive approach to implementing and adapting the Now Intelligence Platform to Process Optimization and any other specific needs you may have.

From our proven PA Enterprise Framework to the clear fundamentals we apply to Virtual Agent and Predictive intelligence, you can see for yourself how we help you leverage the greatest possible value out of your Now Intelligence investment.

Now Intelligence is uniquely suited to extract the savings, efficiencies, and customer satisfaction benefits of Process Optimization, if implemented properly.

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PA Solutions by Westbury Analytics


The only ServiceNow Certified solution of its kind that can enable a robust governance program. It accelerates and optimizes the development of PA content and it saves your team many hours by eliminating manual tasks that can be prone to errors when checking the quality of your PA content.  So, is your PA environment out of control, do you have concernes about the data quality or do you need insights in your dashboards usage? Find out what the PA Accelerator can do for you.


The app that helps you create valuable dashboards by simplifying and speeding up the design phase of all PA content. It helps your business analysts and developers document and visualize, together with the end user requesting PA content, how the content will work and a mockup of what it will look like before committing build time to it. In partnership with Westbury Analytics ServiceNow developed the KPI Composer for the NowIntelligence platform.

Five core principles to leverage ServiceNow® Performance Analytics

1. Process improvement

From the design of KPI trees with KPI Composer, to the design of dashboards employing PA’s forecasting algorithms, to the training provided we aim to develop a comprehensive program of tools and a mindset on the part of your team that leverages PA for process improvement.

2. Alignment

To align the personas and activities of an IT organization around business goals requires a solid functional understanding of a company’s operational environment. We excel at discovering and properly understanding your business goals to drive the development of your intelligence landscape

3. Value to market

Our unique approach and out-of-the-box content promotes a fast time-to-value experience and eliminates the complexity of PA. Our comprehensive enterprise framework serves as a starting point to cover all aspects of monitoring your IT organization, with pre-defined KPI structures and dashboards.

4. Shift focus

A purely technical approach to implement PA is not enough for a successful project and is probably the #1 reason that PA projects fail. The goal of a PA implementation is to create an intelligence landscape that delivers actionable insights.

5. Actionable intelligence

Getting beyond reporting with personalized actionable intelligence allows embedding intelligence in the day-to-day operation so that data-driven decision making is pushed into the organization in a way that traditional operational reporting fails to do.

Feel free to contact us about the ServiceNow Performance Analytics and the Intelligence Platform

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Over a decade of experience in analytics and reporting has given us the expert knowledge we need to ask the right questions and guide you in getting the most out of your analytics environment. We understand data and the value it brings to your organization.


We have established long-term, value added relationships with over one hundred enterprise customers worldwide.


We are an industry leader in reporting and analytics and want to share our experience and best practice approach to resolving the challenges experienced today with metrics and reporting when using ServiceNow® Performance Analytics.



Recognizing our expertise, ServiceNow® has selected Westbury to provide consultancy, implementation and training services for its Performance Analytics solution. Westbury is trusted by ServiceNow® and focused entirely on Performance Analytics.