KPI composer app


Jump-start your Performance Analytics journey by visually mapping organizational objectives and business outcomes to KPIs. KPI Composer from ServiceNow ensures that your performance management strategy aligns with business goals and has support from executive sponsors.

The app is developed for the NowIntelligence platform by ServiceNow in partnership with Westbury Analytics.

Accelerate your performance improvement with the KPI Composer App

Using KPI Composer, you’ll visually define and connect organizational goals to critical success factors and specific process measurements before performing any technical configuration of Performance Analytics.

This holistic approach ensures that stakeholders are completely aligned on the desired outcomes and requirements before implementers spend time working on any technical deliverables.

When ready, Performance Analytics implementers get a task list of exactly what they need to create — indicators, breakdowns, and dashboards — to support the goals, and you can even use KPI Composer to track the progress of the implementation.

Features KPI Composer



Create a visual hierarchy of Business Goals, Critical Success Factors, and supporting Measurement


Dashboard Design

Create a Design specification for one or more Performance Analytics dashboards


Data Design

Provide technical specifications and links to Performance Analytics Indicators for KPI Tree Elements



Generate a summary of configured Design elements and PA and Reporting objects to create, along with a system definition health check.

Simplify the Process

of Creating Valuable Dashboards

Quickly and easily define and connect organizational goals to critical success factors and specific process measurements
before performing any technical configuration of Performance Analytics.

This approach ensures that your stakeholders’ desired outcomes are aligned with the requirements before creating a dashboard.

FREE KPI Composer Project

If you can’t find the time to create a dazzling PA Dashboard within your ServiceNow environment for your incident team keep reading. Because we have created a KPI Composer project for you… for free!

3 reasons to download the FREE KPI Composer project now
– Provide your team with a more complete view of their process
Save yourself at least 10 hours of building it yourself
– Have it running in a heartbeat

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