Get the ServiceNow Intelligence Platform to work for you.

Leverage Machine Learning and AI with Predictive Intelligence, and Virtual Agent. Go beyond dashboards and reporting.

Every IT organization is in search of ways to create faster and better experiences for their customers and employees while reducing costs. And they want freedom from low-value activities to focus on strategic work so they can work smarter and make better business decisions. The ServiceNow® Intelligence Platform is designed to do exactly that.

But where should you start? What is the right mix and order of implementing each of the different components? How are they best integrated to deliver optimal results? The answers to these questions are different for every client. They determine the best implementation for the best results. Westbury designed just the right methodology to help you get the answers.

Westbury’s ServiceNow® Intelligence Platform implementation methodology

Now Intelligence allows embedding intelligence in the day-to-day operation so that data-driven decision making is pushed into the organization in a way that traditional operational reporting fails to do.

By using Westbury’s implementation methodology projects will have faster time to value and be of higher quality.

ServiceNow Intelligence Platform Model - ServiceNow

Benefits of the ServiceNow Intelligence Platform solutions:

Servicenow® Predictive Intelligence Benefits

Reduce manual work and errors
ML does this by its ability to classify tasks, incidents, and cases at scale.

Detect Major Incidents
ML shows you, automatically and without effort, what Major Incidents are brewing.

Agents solve issues faster
ML delivers content and task suggestions to help solve issues faster.

No coding skills needed
Build machine learning (ML) models tied to business outcomes. Without being a developer or data scientist.

Natural Language Understanding
Help customers and employees get what they need quickly when they need it.

Improve Service and Reduce Costs
Deflect tickets, reduce call volumes, and automate common requests.

Help service owners leverage AI
Build and test conversations without scripting or advanced skills.

Improve customer and employee experience
Deliver intelligent, personalized, and meaningful conversations that actually get things done.

Servicenow® Virtual Agent Benefits

Servicenow® Performance Analytics Benefits

Drive performance
Provide actionable insight on each level and for every role using key indicators, mobile-enabled scorecards, time charts, analytics, drill-downs, and dashboards.

Establish a single version of truth
Share clear, up-to-date visualizations of performance across teams and organizations, establishing a single version of truth as the basis for objectively discussing service delivery and driving behavioral change.

Realize fast time-to-value
Performance Analytics is native and built into the ServiceNow® Platform, enabling you to realize fast time-to-value.

No data is duplicated or leaves the secure ServiceNow® enterprise cloud. Data is protected at all times by the same access control lists you implement across the platform .

Knowledge ’21:
Focussing on Now Intelligence

Join us for ServiceNow Knowledge ’21 to see the transformational
power of Now Intelligence.

We help you find your way in the maze of all sessions during the event.
1. All Now Intelligent related sessions are available via this page.
2. We watch all sessions for you and provide a wrap up after the event.

» Go to our Knowledge ’21 Now Intelligence page »

Webinar How to win at Now Intelligence (recorded)

webinar vividcharts raymondjames westburyanalytics 2 - ServiceNow

Learn the key concepts that will help you tap into the power of Virtual Agent, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning already available in your Pro License. During this webinar we discuss:

  1. The 3 key questions you must answer to maximize the ROI from Now Intelligence
  2. How to get improvements from small, agile projects with immediate ROI
  3. Why Now Intelligence can deliver head-spinning cost reductions

Watch the recording of this webinar with Sue Desidero from Raymond James, Mich Stutler from VividCharts and our own Pedro Soto.

Webinar A key ingredient to Effective Governance (recorded)

webinar PA - ServiceNow
Michael Kaczun from Bank of New York Mellon and Pedro Soto will inform you about how Bank of New York Mellon uses Performance Analytics for their Governance. During this webinar we discuss:
  1. NBY Mellon’s PA Journey
  2. Performance Analytics’ Role in Governance
  3. Demo of the Tools & How we use them
  4. So what / Key takeaways

The recording takes 20 minutes and is recorded during a breakout session at ServiceNow Knowledge ’20. Sit back and enjoy!




Over two decades of experience working with organizations to improve their processes in analytics and reporting has given us the expert knowledge we need to help you implement the ServiceNow Intelligence Platform the optimal way.
We understand Intelligence and the value it brings to your organization.



We have established long-term, value added relationships with over one hundred enterprise customers worldwide.


We are an industry leader in the application of intelligence. And want to share our experience and best practice approach to resolving the challenges experienced today when using ServiceNow® Intelligence Platform.



Recognizing our expertise, ServiceNow® has selected Westbury to provide consultancy, implementation and training services for its Intelligence Platform solution. Westbury is trusted by ServiceNow® and focused entirely on Intelligence Platform.


Helping you shape your intelligence landscape

We will perform a baseline analysis of your organization’s processes and help you understand and shape the optimal approach and mix to leverage your intelligence implementation.



Configuring your Intelligence Platform components

Our seasoned specialists can tailor the approach that best fits your processes, your culture and you business goals.
One size fits all does not work when implementing your ServiceNow Intelligence Platform.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Leveraging Machine Learning and AI.

ServiceNow has designed ML and AI so you don’t need coding or data science expertise. Still, there are optimal ways to leverage ML and AI. Westbury helps you find those ways.


Ensuring you sustain your knowledge

Learn the skills you need to continue leveraging the power of the ServiceNow® Intelligence Platform.

Feel free to contact us at any moment about ServiceNow Intelligence Platform