PA Accelerator

Does your PA environment feel cluttered? Are you concerned about the data quality of your PA content? Do you want to spend less time on creating high-quality content?

Westbury Analytics’ PA Accelerator has been designed to enhance and simplify the experience of working with ServiceNow Performance Analytics. The app enables you to address data quality challenges and to accelerate dashboard creation, deployment and usage.

Is your Performance Analytics environment growing out of control? Discover how to fix that. For good.




Quality checks

PA Accelerator offers best practice checks to verify the quality of your dashboards and the trustworthiness of your data.


Content control

Apply content controls to remove duplicate and orphaned content maintaining a healthy PA environment.


Dashboard usage

Provides detailed information about the extend dashboards are being utilized and shared within the organization.


PA Toolbox

A set of tools is included to simplify daily, repetetive PA maintenance tasks.

The 6 benefits of PA Accelerator

1 | Guarantee trustworthy, high quality dashboard data

More people in your organization are creating and modifying dashboards. A lack of quality controls places at risk the trustworthiness of your data. You want to make sure that your dashboards’ quality is guaranteed so people trust the data. Apply quality controls to ensure better standards and to raise trust in data in order to improve your decision-making process. PA Accelerator offers best practices checks to verify the quality of your dashboards and the trustworthiness of your data.


Guarantee trustworthy, high quality dashboard data

2 | Get control of content growth to maintain a clean PA environment

Often, PA admins lack the controls to manage content growth and to keep their PA environment in a clean and healthy state. This leads to a “cluttered“ environment that is difficult to maintain properly. You want to manage and control the growth and health of your PA content. And you want to offer validated, high quality content to dashboard users and developers. PA Accelerator offers a full range of checks and insights to control the growth of PA content and the overall health of your PA environment. Apply content
controls to remove duplicates and orphaned content. Maintain a healthy
PA environment, offering validated and efficient content.

Utilize PA Accelerator when deploying, maintaining and maturing ServiceNow Performance Analytics within your organization.

3 | Keep track and act on dashboard usage & adoption

Managers lack the insights and tools to check and stimulate dashboard usage/ adoption within the organization. They want to ensure that other individuals are using the same dashboard data to evaluate performance and implement improvement strategies. PA Accelerator provides full insight in dashboard usage and adoption statistics. It provides detailed information about the extend dashboards are being utilized and shared within the organization. Apply controls to gain insight in dashboard usage and adoption rates. Stimulate and promote others to start and keep using relevant dashboards.


 4 | Accelerate dashboard development

With limited resources available, it is challenging to satisfy the
increasing organizational demand for development of high-quality dashboards in a timely manner. You want to ensure your business can rely on quick, high quality delivery of requested dashboards. Saving valuable time and ensuring quality of your work, PA Accelerator offers tools and checks to quickly develop, re-use and validate dashboard elements. Utilize PA Accelerator to shorten dashboard development cycles and respond quicker to the needs of your business. Take advantage of validation tools and checks to build high quality dashboards with less resources.

5 | Automate dashboard acceptance and deployment

Getting a newly developed dashboard accepted for deployment in production is often a time-consuming process, frustrating involved business owners. You want to ensure your dashboard acceptance procedures are agile and efficient, allowing for quick deployment in production. Streamlining and simplifying testing and acceptance procedures, PA Accelerator offers automated tools to validate quality of dashboard elements and to indicate data trustworthiness. Shorten dashboard quality testing and acceptance procedures. Reduce the timeframe for your business to gain access to dashboards and start improving.


6 | Simplify PA maintenance and optimization tasks

Maintaining and optimizing dashboards and content elements are often time-consuming and complex tasks, independent from the type of modification you would like to apply. You want to increase efficiency in maintaining and optimizing dashboards in order to save valuable time and resources. PA Accelerator offers a set of smart tools to save time when optimizing dashboard content, allowing modification of multiple elements in one go. Using less resources, safe significant time when performing PA maintenance tasks. Reduction of complexity allows for smooth knowledge transition between administrators.

Enhance the value of Performance Analytics

Utilize the app when deploying, maintaining and maturing ServiceNow Performance Analytics within your organization.

Guarantee trustworthy, high quality dashboard data
Get control of content growth
Keep track and act on dashboard usage and adoption
Check out the use cases on the right, click image to enlarge

3 use cases to enhance the value of ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Do you want to know all the ins and outs of the PA Accelerator app? Check out these demo videos we’ve made for you.


DEMO Quality Manager:

Start Page

Projects Definitions

Results Page


DEMO Dashboards:


Quality Manager Results

Quality Manager Details

Orphaned Content

Content Growth

Dashboard Usage


Dashboard Adoption




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