Does your PA environment feel cluttered? Are you concerned about the data quality of your PA content? Do you want to spend less time on creating high-quality content?

The solution sought by PA Admins, ServiceNow Platform Owners, Admins, and Developers is finally here! It solves the critical challenges found in every PA environment that is growing.

An accelerator for your PA environment… we call it PA Accelerator

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Data Quality 

Bad data erodes the trust from your users necessary for everyone to use the data for what it is intended: to monitor operations, improve performance, and meet business objectives. One of the worst, most counter-productive things that can happen to your Performance Analytics program is for users to lose trust in the data presented because there is no systematic process to ensure it is correct and of high quality. 

Enter Westbury Analytics’ PA Accelerator, a “Built on Now” app found on the ServiceNow app store. 

It’s the best way to avoid errors in the quality of the data that might be due to mistakes in how a PA element is configured. It quickly detects the root of the problem without spending a lot of manual effort trying to find the sources of the errors that produce bad data. And it tracks the status of the errors that must be fixed. 

Dealing with “Clutter” 

In a growing PA environment, there is a strong tendency to have duplicate (though not exact) versions of PA elements with slightly different data definitions that look the same but are not. Developers tend to create new PA elements when they could be using existing indicators, and this leads to clutter which causes confusion and higher development and maintenance costs. 

PA Accelerator provides a view into the trends of growth for PA elements which reduces the level of clutter with little effort on your part. Without a solution like PA Accelerator it is practically impossible to monitor the existence of near-duplicate PA elements and so you get “clutter” which leads to confusion and higher development and maintenance costs. 

Quality of developed content 

Creating or customizing PA content requires many different configuration details to keep track of. Leaving developers to keep track of this manually kills their productivity and leads to errors. PA Accelerator eliminates this problem. 

For example: if you are using a time series on a formula indicator that does not match the time series configured on the automated indicators used in the formula, there will be a problem. It can take your developers hours of testing and research to discover the source of this type of problem. With PA Accelerator you can do it in seconds. 

Compliance with best practices 

You want your developers to follow best practices when creating PA content for your user community. But how can you monitor if this is happening and when it is not, how can you find where it is not happening? 

For example, one area where you absolutely want best practices to be followed is when it can have an impact on the overall performance of your platform. PA elements, like breakdowns, that are excessively complex can have a significant impact on overall platform performance. PA Accelerator identifies problem areas of this kind BEFORE they become a problem. 

Without a solution like PA Accelerator you are like a ship navigating in the dark, not knowing when you might hit a performance “iceberg” due to PA content that could have been detected BEFORE it became a problem. 

Bonus Tools 

PA Accelerator includes a growing library of tools which are designed to help developers reduce the time and effort it takes to create PA content. Some can be quite complex. And we have decided to take the tools used by our developers and make them available to you, exclusive as a user of PA Accelerator. 

You will save hundreds of hours per year in addition to creating high-quality PA content. If you’re eager to learn more, below you will find a way to see how this app works… without having to sit for a demo (and the annoying sales pitch that comes along with all demos) 

But first, let’s get clear about what is not done by PA Accelerator… 

What PA Accelerator IS NOT 

You may be wondering if our use of the word ‘accelerator’ means that this is some utility to speed up the performance of your PA module, or your Now Platform in any way. IT IS NOT. It is NOT a system performance accelerator, and it does not SPEED UP the rendering of your dashboards. What we are accelerating is the time it takes your developers and business analysts to create high-quality, useful PA content that your end users will love. 

PA Accelerator does that by reducing the time and effort it takes to build and implement quality dashboards that follow best practices; the time and effort it takes to discover fundamental errors in your PA environment; and by eliminating the manual effort involved in repetitive tasks, like setting targets on indicators. 

No other solution or approach can do this.