Before selecting the best partner to help leverage the greatest possible value out of Performance Analytics, it’s important for you to understand how most users think of traditional reporting and Performance Analytics.

reporting dashboard Performance analytics scaled - Leverage the greatest possible value out of Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics is just reporting and analytics, right?

You see, there is a big difference that requires some new skills to be able to understand the correct role of ServiceNow Performance Analytics. Most seasoned professionals in the ITSM role are familiar and conditioned to think of reporting as it has been available and used over the past 20-30 years: as a one dimensional view into data, mostly focused on generating lists of how things appear at the moment in a given process.

The nature of reporting as it has existed means that executives could focus on only one thing at a time, usually with an operational bias over other things such as performance impacts to other processes, customer experience, and overall performance. Reports could be generated to produce a list of open incidents for example, by priority, or by age, sometimes combining two or more dimensions but without the benefit of what performance analytics offers simply because the technology was limited to this type of reporting functionality.

We need to leverage the full power of the ServiceNow platform

Performance Analytics brings in more powerful ways to look at the ITSM environment, each of its processes, how they are performing over time and the focus in improving performance considering the interconnectedness of Key Performance Indicators in a way that has not been possible with traditional reporting.

PA enables ITSM leaders for the first time, without effort, to see how the performance of the entire ITSM organization, or any specific process, is going at any point in time, whether it’s trending in the desired direction or not. These kinds of insights are impossible to obtain with traditional reporting without spending a great amount of effort.

There are many more capabilities available with PA that are not possible with traditional reporting to list here. And the key point to keep in mind is that leveraging all these capabilities requires an upgrade to the concepts that most ITSM professionals have about reporting and analytics.

That is one of the key things you need to keep in mind when finding the best partner to bring to your client.

How can Westburry Analytics make the impossible possible?

Anyone can build ServiceNow PA dashboards with a little bit of training and tinkering around. But very few PA specialists have a grasp on how ITSM professionals need to think about PA vs reporting to help them make that upgrade to their thinking and equally as important to build PA content that leverages the full power of the platform.

That is the major difference that sets Westbury Analytics aside from every other PA expert in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

With over 20,000 hours of hands-on experience delivering solutions to dozens of ServiceNow clients, we’ve made more mistakes than anyone (and learned from them) to know how to get ITSM professionals to think in PA terms, above and beyond reporting. And we know the best practices (due to those 20,000 of PA experience; plus, an additional 50,000+ additional hours of experience in ITSM reporting) that make PA deliver the greatest value to your client.

Westbury Analytics pioneered the Enterprise Framework for ServiceNow PA and has been a key contributor in the development of KPI Composer. This is a free app available from the app store to all ServiceNow customers. This app simplifies the design of KPI trees which are the foundation of great dashboards.

The PA Accelerator is an app that we built. This app is built to massively accelerate and simplify the complete governance process of a vibrant and growing PA environment.

When you think about who to bring to your client to leverage the full power of PA, don’t take our word for it. Look at what we have accomplished and have a chat with Pieter Goris or any of the other folks at PA Product Management and ask them about Westbury Analytics.