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You’re busy. Don’t let that stop you from creating a dazzling PA Dashboard for your incident team within your ServiceNow environment. Your Process Owner will wonder how you ever created such a useful Incident Management dashboard.
So Quickly. 

Three reasons to download the FREE KPI Composer project NOW

  1. Provide your team with a more complete view of their process
  2. Save yourself at least 10 hours of building it yourself
  3. Have it running in a heartbeat

After filling in the download form you will receive an e-mail with the link to the zip-file and everything you need to get started.

Enjoy your download!

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Download the FREE KPI Composer Project

And save 10 Hours to your first enhanced OOTB incident dashboard 

What is a KPI Composer Project, and how will it save me 10+ hours?

Building a Performance Analytics dashboard that your Incident Process Owner and team will find valuable can be challenging, and time-consuming. But today you can save yourself at least 10 hours by downloading this FREE KPI Composer Project.  

KPI Composer is a free app made available by ServiceNow® in the app store. It is very helpful in designing PA dashboards (more info from ServiceNow on the KPI Composer projects). With KPI Composer your PA specialists can work with your end users to design useful dashboards that can be built by your dashboard developers. If you have a ServiceNow® Pro license, you already get a simple OOTB Incident dashboard. While it does provide some insights to your Incident Process Owner and team, it is a barebones dashboard compared to what a complete process dashboard should be. 

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This is how you’ll save all those hours
The KPI definitions and the dashboard design are all done for you. You don’t have to spend time visualizing what a best-practices process dashboard should contain or what it should look like. We’ve done all the work for you! You now have the blueprint to go build it. 

That’s not all, we’ll send additional materials to help you enhance the OOTB Incident dashboard that comes with your Performance Analytics module.

KPI Composer Use Case

Put KPI composer to work for you creating dashboards your users will love. Faster than you thought possible.

✓ Deliver insights your incident process owner will treasure
Eliminate the risk of building PA content of little value
✓ Accelerate the adoption of PA across your service management office

Check out the Use Case on the right, click mage to enlarge

2. Use Case KPI Composer Project for OOTB INC DB 1 - FREE kpicomposer project




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